a 7¼" gauge miniature railway in glorious Suffolk
  1. Petrol driven Diesel Shunter
    Petrol driven Diesel Shunter
    Powered by a cultivator motor (!) this little shunter is quite powerful for its size. The wooden superstructure is currently being re-designed.
  2. County Donegal railcar
    County Donegal railcar
    Battery-driven, this one-person railcar provides a comfy ride, with the steps operating the brakes.
  3. Motorised Bogie Tender
    Motorised Bogie Tender
    Another battery-driven piece of motorised power, originally the tender of a steam outline loco. Due for a radical transformation later.
  4. Tanker Wagon
    Tanker Wagon
    Providing a seat for the engine driver, this dual purpose wagon has a brake and water reservoir for any steam locos.
  5.  2-Compartment Carriage
    2-Compartment Carriage
    Luxurious padded seating for 4 persons providing a smooth ride. Currently in GWR livery, we have plans for a make-over!
  6. All-Purpose Well Wagon
    All-Purpose Well Wagon
    This bogie wagon is currently undergoing modification. When completed, it will be able to transfer ballast, track or passengers.